Electrolysis FAQ’s

Electrolysis Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does Electrolysis work?
By eliminating the growth cells of unwanted hair with short-wave, galvanic or blended methods of electrolysis. Each method available can be explained by Lena Del Priore during your consultation. Treatments are safe and permanent results are achieved.

2. How long does Electrolysis take?
Completion time varies with each individual depending on the coarseness of the hair, the number of hairs to be removed and if temporary hair removal methods were previously used. Permanency is achieved through a series of regular treatments determined for each individual. Following treatment, instructions will speed completion. Hormones are a factor. This includes puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and medications. Stress is also factor.

3. Is Electrolysis something new?
No, electrolysis was developed over 100 years ago by a doctor in the U.S.A. It is used throughout the world as a method of permanent hair removal.

4. What does an Electrolysis treatment feel like?
Each individual’s level of comfort during treatment varies. Some sensation will be felt, depending on the sensitivity of the individual receiving treatment.

5. What areas of the body can be treated with Electrolysis?
Common areas treated are eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and hairline. Your particular concerns can be discussed with Lena Del Priore during your consultation.

6. Is Electrolysis safe?
Yes, in the hands of a professional, electrolysis is completely safe. It is often recommended by the medical profession and Electrologists receive referrals from doctors. Proper sterilization procedures are essential and should be explained prior to treatment.

Choose a Qualified Electrologist who:
1.    Has thoroughly explained the electrolysis procedure and satisfied your concerns;
2.    Has verified adequate sterilization procedures;
3.    Has demonstrated his/her knowledge as a professional Electrologist;
4.    Has made you feel comfortable to proceed with treatment.
5.    Is a member of a professional association.

Members of the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations are:
1.    Members of their provincial electrolysis organizations.
2.    Trained professionals, who display their credentials of training and affiliation to their provincial and national professional organizations.
3.    Electrologists who are following approved sterilizations methods and use presterilized disposable filaments (needles).
4.    Professionals who provide each individual with a personal consultation to fully explain the electrolysis procedure in relation to your individual hair problem.
5.    Professionals who keep updated with new developments in the electrolysis profession to provide the best service available.