We are so excited to introduce Micro-needling to Natural Touch!

What is Micro-needling?
Micro-needling, also known as collagen induction therapy, can be used to treat multiple skin concerns from wrinkles to acne scarring. During this treatment, fine needles are used to create tiny punctures in the skin which triggers the body’s wound healing process stimulating collagen and elastin production. After a micro-needling treatment, patients are left with smooth, glowing skin. Clinical studies from Europe, U.S. and South Korea have shown that serum absorption is dramatically increased when applied following a micro-needling treatment. Micro-needling is an effective, non-surgical, non-laser treatment that stimulates skin collagen production revealing fresh, new skin. It’s a medical grade Collagen Induction Therapy treating scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks + hyper pigmentation.
How many treatments are required?For optimal results a series of 3 treatments is recommended done 4-5 weeks apart.  
What should I expect after my micro-needling treatment?Expect redness on the treated area 24-48 hours following your treatment. Stay out of the sun. No makeup.