Permanent Eyelashes FAQ’s

1. Why Misencil Lash Extensions?
A- Misencil has superior lashes and adhesive. The lashes are coated with a micro-texture for improved adherence, and the water-resistant acrylic resin quickly polymerizes and binds. In medicine, it is very efficient for stitch-less surgery or ophthalomologic surgery. Our blend is especially adapted for eyelash extensions. Our lashes are softer and lighter than other brands. Heavy extensions are uncomfortable and can stress the lashes which will affect the life-span of your extensions.

2. How long do lash extensions they last?
A- Your new lashes will look glamorous for up to 8 weeks without touch ups. Natural eyelashes have an average life cycle of about 60 days, and your lash extensions will fall out with your natural lashes when they shed.

3. How much does a lash fill cost?
A- $50