Laser Hair Removal

Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal

Until now, the most effective remedies for unwanted hair were painful, messy and time consuming. Advanced, new laser technology offers the fastest permanent cost-effective hair removal solution when compared with alternative methods. More importantly, it will save you time and improve your self-esteem and body image.

The Light Sheer Diode system is FDA approved for permanent removal of hair. Inquire about how the Light Sheer Diode Laser Hair Removal system can work for you to permanently remove unwanted hair.

The Light Sheer Diode system is a class 3 medical laser, trusted by dermatologists as one of the world’s most advanced laser treatments for the effective and permanent removal of unwanted hair.

Say goodbye to painful waxing appointments, ingrown hairs + expensive razors… FOREVER!

underarm laser

bikini laser

1/2 leg laser

FREE consultations with our knowledgeable staff are provided to help you find the best treatment plan for your unique requirements.

Please Note:

All laser hair removal prices listed are in Canadian dollars and are posted to provide an idea/range of approximate cost (per treatment). Please call to book a FREE consultation for more accurate pricing. Pricing mildly varies as no two clients are the same with regards to the size of area and quantity/density of hair in any given area.