Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup/Micro Pigmentation

Permanent makeup or tattoo-ed makeup is professionally termed Micro Pigmentation. Micro Pigmentation is a painless procedure where pigment is applied into the dermal layer of the skin. This pigment is completely safe and composed of FDA approved ingredients. This type of cosmetic enhancement is very popular for areas such as: Eyebrow Shaping, and the Upper and Lower Eyeliner. Enhancing these areas with Micro Pigmentation (or tattoo) makeup is easily and quickly achieved at Natural Touch Aesthetics & Laser Hair Removal Clinic with no down time. 


Eyebrows • $400

Upper or Lower Eyeliner • $250 and up

Upper and Lower Eyeliner  • $450 and up 


Eyebrow tattoo [hair stroke]


We never autoclave to reuse needles.  Each client gets their own brand new needle opened from sterile packaging directly from the manufacturer every time.